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The meeting entitled "Sky, Astronomy and Cultural Heritage", organized by the Inter-American Society of Astronomy in Culture and the University of La Serena, is held for the first time in Chile and considers the realization of a School of Cultural Astronomy and presentations of the papers of the researchers of the area.

Thinking about the conceptions that men of diverse cultures have been forging over the sky, within the framework of all their ways of knowing and acting in the world, is what is currently defined as Cultural Astronomy. It is a multidisciplinary work area, where different specialists such as astronomers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, etc., develop research on the worldview of diverse cultures through astronomy.

astronomy2With the objective of expanding this type of research, the Inter-American Society of Astronomy in Culture and the University of La Serena hold the meeting “Sky, Astronomy and Cultural Heritage”, which consists of 2 activities: the VIII School of Cultural Astronomy and the VII Inter-American Conference on Astronomy in Culture, which have been held since the year 2012.

The astronomer of the ULS, Dr. Rodolfo Angeloni, explained that “it is the first time that this meeting takes place in Chile and we have the opportunity to be here at the University of La Serena. During the meeting, 2 activities will be carried out, one is a School from Monday 30 of September to Wednesday 02 of October, divided into a basic level course and another one of advanced level, which seeks to deliver the tools to students and people They approach this discipline. And from Wednesday 02 to Friday 04 the presentations of papers of the researchers working in the area and presenting their latest results will be made. ”

The Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of La Serena, Dr. Amelia Ramírez, said it is important that the University host this meeting where “Cultural Astronomy shows astronomy as a cultural heritage. Having this type of multidisciplinary activities, where experts from different areas meet, allows these global views to finally begin to channel an idea of ​​how astronomy makes man grow, making different types of manifestations. ”

astronomy3For his part, the president of the Inter-American Society of Astronomy in Culture, Dr. Alejandro López, explained: “we think that conducting this meeting at the University of La Serena is important mainly because of the work done by the house of studies in astronomy, together with the quality of astronomical work done in the region. This made us think that it was very timely to bring the event and generate an opportunity to train different experts in what is Cultural Astronomy. ”

This activity has the participation of exhibitors and public from Chile and abroad dedicated to different areas of knowledge, who see in this meeting a space for learning about cultural differences, through the exchange of different visions and thoughts.

Regarding this, Josefa Andrade, a design student at the Diego Portales University and attending the event, said: “I think it is very positive that a University generates this type of space where it can be shared with people from different parts of the continent, diverse cultural visions through astronomy ”.

The inter-American meeting is held between the 30 of September and the 4 of October in the Pentagon Hall of the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of La Serena.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom