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The activity seeks to select the delegation of students who will represent our region, in the national contest.

Young people from all over the Coquimbo Region gathered in the XXVII version of the "Physics Olympics", organized by the University of La Serena, through the Department of Physics and Astronomy, together with the Pedagogy Alumni Center in Mathematics and Physics.

physics2With the aim of generating spaces for participation, encouraging interest in physics, this day was developed, in order to select the delegation of students who will represent our region, in the National Olympics.

Alfredo Pizarro, in charge of the Physics Olympics Commission, explained that this version had spaces in the different provinces, so that all interested students can undergo the evaluations. "In this edition we managed to receive schools from all corners of the region, for example Illapel and Salamanca, also in Ovalle we have a new headquarters in the Santa María College; and the University of La Serena brings together students from La Serena and Coquimbo" he explained.

He also said that during the National Olympics that have been developed in the previous two years, the Coquimbo Region has shown very good results. "They have won gold, silver and bronze medals. There is a good performance, it is quite difficult to decide between the first places and form the team that will represent the region."

For its part, Constanza Weishaubt, a student of the Seminar College of La Serena, at the end of the day, valued the initiative that incorporates students from all corners of the region, and the level of complexity of the assessments. “The test was very difficult, there was a lot of development. I have attended the Chemistry Olympics and it is another approach, because there are alternatives and not so much theory, it is more application, and here there were both. It is good that you can give space to people who are intelligent and who do not care where they come from, because any school can participate.physics3

Franco Palma is in second grade at the Colegio Santo Tomás. He stressed that this day serves as preparation for his entry into the university world and to test his handling in the area of ​​physics. “I found the test easy according to my knowledge. I found that the activity was very fun. More than anything, one comes to mature in certain aspects. ”

In this version, enthusiastic and talented young people from the area of ​​physics were invited in their respective schools, being ideally from the courses of 2º, 3º and 4º average. The first places are expected to form the team that will represent the region in the National Olympics that will take place between November and December.

Written by Sergio Muñoz, Dissemination and Dissemination of Science and Technology ULS