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During a visit, the authorities highlighted the infrastructure, the high level of technology and the commitment of the state institution and its professionals, to provide quality education to future dentists in the Coquimbo Region and the country.

A complete tour of the facilities of the Dental Teaching Dental Clinic of the University of La Serena, made a group of Regional Councilors in order to know the site and internalize the work developed by professionals, academics and students of the Dentistry career .

clinica2This activity, framed in an invitation made by the ULS, brought the authorities together to learn about the dynamics, infrastructure and technology available to the Dentistry career, who has a strong scientific, humanistic and technological training, based on solid principles ethical and with social responsibility.

The tour, headed by the President of the Board of Directors, Ernesto Velasco, the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Amelia Ramírez, the Director of the race, Mg. Cristian Oyanadel, the Director of Strategic Development and Quality, Dr. César Espíndola, and the Director of the Protocol Department, Mg. Karina Damke, considered the surgery pavilions, the care rooms and the simulation rooms, where there were even students carrying out their workshops, whereby the counselors could see in situ how they manage to work with last generation instrumentation, real patients - with the teacher guide - and in an appropriate environment for the training of professionals.

“As a state university in the region we want to open the doors so that our regional authorities know what is being done in this state-of-the-art clinic, and also show that we are capable of doing great projects. Why not think about being able to generate a medical career in the future, which would require significant government support, since the institution does not have the resources to carry out an initiative like this, ”said the Vice Chancellor, Dra. Alejandra Torrejón.

clinica3The regional advisor and president of the Health and Sports Commission, Marco Antonio Sulantay, said he was grateful for the invitation and coordination that existed between the ULS and the regional councilors, and said that “this building should be an example for what it is the preparation of health professionals in Chile, we are in a place of excellence, with laboratories and first level implementation. The University of La Serena has invested very important resources in this clinic and it shows that there is effort and commitment; This is the way in which other higher education units should face the training of health professionals ”.

The president of the Board of Directors of the ULS, Ernesto Velasco, meanwhile, stressed that “it is remarkable that the house of studies has an infrastructure of high quality standards and that not only forms professionals, but that people with high social sense, that they are linked to the environment through important projects that benefit the community. Frankly, it is a luxury for the Coquimbo Region, which is a public university with this level of infrastructure and teaching commitment ”.

During the visit the regional counselors were able to talk with academics of the Dental Clinic, also with students and administrative officials, learn about the procedure and the social work they carry out through projects, where for example children from SENAME are cared for.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom