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The initiatives will take place on October 4 and 11 at the ULS Limarí Campus, where important actors from the olive sector of the Coquimbo Region will attend.

More than 30 olive growers in the region will receive tools to optimize their production and olive oil extraction processes within the framework of the FIC project "Functional Prospecting of Regional Olive Oil", executed by the University of La Serena and financed by the Regional Government from Coquimbo.

oliva2These are two workshops where the beneficiaries, prior to a diagnosis made by experts, will receive recommendations to increase the quality of their olive oils, with emphasis on the increase and protection of minority components associated with their sensory and nutritional quality.

The instances will be held this October 04 and 11 in the Limarí Campus of the University of La Serena and will have the presence of important actors of the productive sector, as well as students of the ULS Agronomic Engineering and Agroindustry of the CFT of the Coquimbo Region.

The project

The project "Functional prospecting of regional olive oil" aims to perform a functional chemical-analytical analysis of regional olive oils in order to enhance their quality and, consequently, their commercialization to new markets.

In this regard, the director of the project and academic of the Department of Chemistry of the ULS, Fabiola Jamett, explains that “what we seek is to find these minority components that are only found in the highest quality oils and that give them the power as a nutritional and functional food, that is to say with a positive selective effect on one or several functions of the organism reducing the risk of suffering from some disease, and once we find them see how we can protect them for their intake and / or make a variation, so that can be sold in another way and can go to other markets, for example, the cosmetic area, which demands the highest quality oils ”.

The initiative, funded by the Regional Government through the Innovation Fund for Regional Competitiveness (FIC-R), has a budget of $ 200 million for research, the purchase of specialized equipment for the analysis of compounds and implementation of an online platform for organoleptic assessments (tastings) of olive oils.

Written by Daniela Pulido, FIC Project "Functional Prospecting of Regional Olive Oil "