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On September 25, the Teaching Committee met in the Alejandro Covarrubias Hall of the Central House in order to strengthen mechanisms for quality assurance and management of undergraduate teaching.

Headed by the Director of Teaching, Dr. Pamela Labra, this instance was attended by the directors of School and career of the 4 faculties of the University of La Serena. On this occasion, the collegiate body analyzed what was stated in Exempt Decrees 028 / 2010 (Regulation of Study System of the University of La Serena) and 224 / 2019 (Registration and use of Social Name of Trans students of the University of La Serena ).

It should be noted that the Teaching Committee will meet monthly to address issues related to the multiple national challenges regarding the new requirements in Higher Education, which merit efforts to meet these demands.

The third session of the Teaching Committee will be held on 30 on October 2019, instead of being defined.