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Discriminatory and exclusive behaviors are taught and learned, therefore, subject to modification, is the message that will be worked on in the next conference of the Raúl Bitrán Chair of the University of La Serena.

According to the report “Estimation of foreign people residing in Chile”, carried out jointly by the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the Department of Foreigners and Migration (DEM), the country arrived at 1.251.225 at 31 on December 2018. During the last 5 years, international migration has intensified in Chile, settling into a topic of high public interest.

Migration of people is a migration of citizens and political identities. Migrants faced in a new cultural scenario may be able to reconstruct or resignify fundamental values ​​such as: solidarity, civic duty, participation, citizenship, etc., giving them a new meaning.

Discriminatory and excluding behaviors are taught and learned, therefore, subject to modification. That is why the University of La Serena invites to participate in a panel discussion where the subject will be discussed, centered on the fact that we must be able to recognize each other, as humans, as equals, as citizens, subjects of inviolable rights, morally capable to reach political consensus, in a climate of respect for differences.

This activity seeks to reflect on the scope of the migration phenomenon in social, political, demographic and cultural life, as well as the meanings and representations that we build around it and that promote the dignity of the great human family, in the panel “Intercultural citizenship : for the transformation of social relations ”, framed in the Raúl Bitrán Nachary Chair, this year dedicated to the topic“ Inclusive Universities for Human Development ”.

On this occasion, the guests are: Gladys Barraza, from the Institute for Human Development, Coquimbo Region; Claudia Farías, academic University of La Serena; and María Emilia Tijoux, rapporteur University of Chile, who will talk in a panel next Wednesday, October 9 at 11: 30 hrs. in the Aula Magna of ULS, located in Benavente 980, La Serena, with entrance released.

Inviting reflection, Dr. María Emilia Tijoux, stressed that “it seems that integral Human Rights are not granted to people, men and women, who come from immigration, is unfortunate and dangerous for a society, because at the same Chilean and Chilean children are educating themselves in this culture, with common senses, who are seeing the arrival of an immigrant as a dangerous arrival, as an invasion, as a pollution and this racism must be understood not as a novelty but that occurs at a universal level, but that in Chile has always been present ”.

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVULS