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The graduation ceremonies of the macrounity were attended by university and faculty authorities, academics, parents and relatives of graduates of the University of La Serena.

In the Aula Magna of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, the two graduation ceremonies were held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena, where 267 new engineers and architects received their professional degrees.

ing2During his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the state campus, Dr. Mauricio Godoy, told the new professionals: “young graduates, have been trained in a solid institution and belong to a community that has an outstanding origin, as well as a relevant present and, of course, an expectant future, which together we must build together ”.

In addition, the Dean wished the graduates a good development in their professional life, indicating: “I wish that this transition, the beginning of this new one, not only be professional, but also of human development in its integrity. This means recognizing that we are individuals and society, and that, as such, our future and development is mainly due to the respect and appreciation that each or one of us has, as well as the respect and care of the environment we inhabit. ”

Recognitions for graduates

As every year, the Faculty of Engineering of the ULS made a recognition of the best graduates of each race of this promotion, which fell: in Macarena Pizarro Herrera (Architecture), Bárbara Palma Avilés (Execution Engineering in Mines), Manuel García Gálvez (Mechanical Execution Engineering), Macarena Vega Ramírez (Food Engineering), Alejandro Andra López (Construction Engineering), Cristian Chirino Cepeda (Civil Engineering), Melanie García Tapia, (Environmental Civil Engineering), Víctor Alfaro Fre (Civil Engineering de Minas), Héctor Heredia Arancibia (Mechanical Civil Engineering) and Eduardo Campos Araya (Industrial Civil Engineering).

ing4Meanwhile, the graduate of Civil Engineer of Minas, Víctor Alfaro Fre, won the University of La Serena Award, established by the Rectory and awarded to the graduate of each Faculty with the highest grade point average of his promotion. The distinction was presented by the Vice Chancellor for Economic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Armando Mansilla, on behalf of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

In turn, during the first ceremony, Alejandro Andra received the awards granted by the College of Civil Builders of Chile AG, the Chilean Chamber of Construction and the INVECC Foundation, represented by Héctor Suazo (regional treasurer), Eduardo Soto (regional president ) and Luis Alcayaga (executive secretary), respectively. While Macarena Pizarro was the distinguished graduate of the College of Architects of Chile AG, represented by Andrea Camacho.

Also, in the second graduation ceremony, Victor Alfaro was awarded the prize of the College of Engineers of Chile AG and Cristian Chirino of the distinction of Fundación INVECC, awards received from Héctor Soza (President Zonal Coquimbo - College of Engineers) and Dr. Ing. Luis Díaz (Chairman of the INVECC Board).

The ceremonies concluded with the words of farewell to Macarena Pizarro, of Architecture, and María Ignacia Ortega, of Industrial Civil Engineering, representing the new professionals who graduated from the ULS.

The graduation events were attended by university authorities and the Faculty of Engineering, directors, Department and School directors, academics, parents and relatives of graduates of the 2019 promotion and representatives of professional associations, foundations and companies.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez and Patricia Castro, DirCom

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