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science day1

The institution opened the doors of the Andrés Bello Campus to receive a large number of children, youth and adults, who were able to tour their scientific laboratories and learn about the solar car and the mobile planetarium.

With great enthusiasm and desire to learn, children, youth and adults visited this Sunday the University of La Serena to participate in the National Day of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation. The initiative of the State Universities (Research Network) was carried out for the second consecutive year, transforming it into an opportunity for the house of studies to open its doors and show the community the importance of science, its study and contribution to society .

science day4The day began with a talk on climate change and water resources, by Dr. Pablo Álvarez, a ULS academic and Director of the Laboratory of Prospecting, Monitoring and Modeling of Agricultural and Environmental Resources, PROMMRA, and the institutional greeting by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate, Dr. Eduardo Notte, who stressed the need to strengthen science at the regional level and research that seeks the development of the entire community.

Those who visited the ULS were able to tour the Botany, Physiozoology and Microscopy (Department of Biology) laboratories, where they learned more about plant and animal biological diversity, as well as the use of technology to promote learning in biology.

The families present also enjoyed various chemical experiments and techniques of separation, distillation, extraction and chromatography in the laboratories of the Department. of Chemistry, and knew in detail "The route of superfoods" presented in the offices of Ing. in Food.

He also drew attention “The Van de Graaff generator” (Department of Physics and Astronomy), which uses a mobile belt to accumulate large amounts of electrical charge inside a metallic spherical shell.

science day2Didactic materials for the learning of mathematics (Department of Mathematics) were also part of this day; the virtual reality app of astrotourism and the online courses of the “Univrso Project” of Digital Campus; the Intikallpa del Depto solar car. Mechanical Engineering, a prototype whose manufacturing uses the best sustainable technology available worldwide; and the functions of the Mobile Planetarium ULS - CONICYT, which combines astronomical knowledge with disclosure, bringing the mysteries of the universe and its most surprising aspects to the community.

The visitors were very happy to know the University of La Serena and internalize what the different academics, professionals and students do about science.

“This experience has been very entertaining, I really liked it. I came with my granddaughter and daughter, and I found that opening these instances to the community gives the option of knowing how everything works. You learn something new every day and today we have done it in a didactic way, ”said Patricia Gálvez, a visitor who made the tour on Science Day.

science day4Another person who came to the ULS to participate in the activity was graduate student Maibys Jaime, who said: “I brought my daughter with the intention of internalizing what is the world of science, learn and encourage The motivation on this topic. I thought it was very appropriate that the University has carried out this activity, especially that it has been a very educational day and generates a great bond ”.

The celebration of the National Day of Science was organized by the Universities of the State of Chile (Research Network) and the ULS, through the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies, and the Science and Technology Outreach and Dissemination Team, with the support of various macro units and units, who hope to continue promoting the importance of science in the area and the country.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom

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