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Twelve teams of Higher Education Institutions in the country were part of this activity.

The Program of Accompaniment and Effective Access to Higher Education (PACE ULS), within the line of the Accompaniment Component of Higher Education (AES), held the seminar "Good Practices for the Integral Accompaniment in Higher Education: Meetings between HEIs, at the level regional and interregional ”, aimed at professionals who work in national support programs.

pace2The coordinator AES PACE ULS, Claudia Toledo, said that “this is an instance that our team prepared since a good time and is framed in one of the milestones of the operational plan of our program, which is framed in actions of articulation, monitoring and referral made with support networks, IES PACE, inside and outside the educational institution; that we also see as an opportunity to share experiences with other teams that live the same successes and difficulties on a daily basis, and what better way to share it in targeted instances, such as the two days we live ”.

The objective of this seminar was to articulate networks and systematize good accompaniment practices implemented in various Higher Education institutions, which work with accompaniment programs.

The strategies for the participation of the seminar in the academic and psychoeducational area were: the only presentation and poster presentation modality, which were applied in both days. In total there were twelve PACE teams belonging to the different HEIs of the country, which participated in the activity.


The participants of both conferences gave their appreciation of the meeting held by the PACE Program of the University of La Serena.

pace3The AES coordinator of PACE Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (PUCV), Andrea Sepúlveda, said: “I think it is an opportunity to be able to reflect together the challenges of the PACE Higher Education component and to be able to share with the IES at national level about the advances, situations that remain opportunities and to be able to project ourselves in the future regarding the implementation of the program, in each of our contexts and also defining and combining criteria for what are common elements for the implementation of this component in our respective institutions ”.

The psychologist and executor AES of the Technical University Federico Santa María (USM), Macarena Rodríguez, meanwhile, said “that this seminar was enriching, as it forced us to see our practices and then, once we met the other teams, there were a lot of feedback; we are overflowing with ideas, eager to replicate in our institution many of the lessons we obtained from the two days and also releasing things that we do, since in the newspaper we do not have time to reflect and in this seminar we did it, we We are happy with what we have learned and share it with the rest of the PACE USM team. ”

For the PEM coordinator of the University of Tarapacá, José Imaña “as a program it is important to be able to share our experiences when implementing the program and know what is happening with the other university campuses that they implement. As you will understand, we are in Arica, a little away from other institutions, and being able to count on these instances is very valuable for us as a team, in addition to having contributed something of what we do. Now we take many different looks and I hope that this network is maintained and that instances like this continue to be replicated, only positive words for this seminar. ”

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program