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The research is directed by Professor Elvis Campos, Director of the ULS School of Pedagogy in Humanities, together with Dr. Rodrigo Ruay, research scholar of the Integrated Pedagogy Management Unit (UGIP).

The use of technologies has been advancing by leaps and bounds in recent years, and every day different digital tools emerge that are being used by various areas and areas. One of the best known is YouTube, a leading platform used to share videos that address various topics and interests.

2 youtube projectConsidering that young people currently spend the greatest percentage of their daily time connected to the Internet, it is necessary to take advantage of the platforms offered by the digital world as didactic resources that can be used in classrooms.

In this context, professors Elvis Campos and Dr. Rodrigo Ruay are working on the research project “Using the YouTube platform as a tool for autonomous learning: a case study”, which seeks to implement a method to develop autonomous work in students and in this way they can enhance the learning of English language skills.

To do this, 7 third-year schoolchildren from a municipal school in the Coquimbo Region and 11 second-year students from the Ped race were convened. in English ULS, who presented difficulties in acquiring English language skills. The study participants had to attend classes in English for four months, through certain YouTube channels, resulting in an improvement in learning English language skills, which was reflected in the qualifications obtained in the respective Closure of courses.

"The research preliminary informs us that following a YouTube channel directed by English-speaking teachers improves the motivation and learning of students, who felt more confident with language learning," explains Professor Elvis.

Presentation at VII International FID Congress

On October 3 and 4, the VII International FID Congress "Good Educational Practices" was held at the University of Los Lagos (Osorno), which addressed five thematic areas related to educational innovation, research and reflection on educational practice, the evaluation of the teaching learning processes, teaching and sustainable development goals, as well as new challenges and problems in initial teacher training.

The main purpose of the Congress is to strengthen the initial training of teachers in the south of the country, and highlight the good practices practiced in the classroom.

Therefore, professors Elvis Campos and Dr. Rodrigo Ruay presented the project and case study on students and the contribution of the use of YouTube in autonomous learning. "The research has a contribution mainly in the scientific production in education and provides a tool that can be constituted as an element to account for the learning that the student needs to do outside the classroom," said Professor Campos.

Finally, this experience allowed disseminating research among their peers and sharing the experience with other universities, arousing the interest of being replicated in other colleges and institutions of higher education.

Written by Daniela Ledezma, UGIP