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A second meeting was held by representatives of the institutions, with the purpose of strengthening ties and committing to future workshops, where the house of studies will contribute with its experience in the area of ​​analysis of large volumes of data.

In order to carry out a collaborative work and materialize in a contribution to the community, representatives of the PDI Prefecture Elqui and the University of La Serena met, once again, to strengthen ties and promptly begin the analysis workshops of large volumes of data, which will serve as a basis for reaching new information analysis for the work carried out by the Investigation Police through its Regional Analysis Office.

pdi 2Within the framework of the BIG DATA ULS-MINEDUC project and the digital transformation of the Coquimbo Region, it is that the ULS seeks to transfer information products for effective decision making among agents of the regional territory, said the Director of Strategic Development and Quality , Dr. César Espíndola. That is why professionals from said Directorate met with the prefect José Carrasco, with the purpose of explaining future actions to share experiences and develop explanatory workshops of different instruments, which in the opinion of the police authority could be replicated in units of the North Macrozone , and would be directed by the University.

“In the Investigation Police of Chile, in our strategic plan, we seek to be a regional reference in matters of investigation of highly complex crimes and the fight against organized crime at the national level. In that context, our Criminal Analysis Center, which is located in Santiago, has analysis offices at the regional level, of which we are concerned to strengthen professional competencies to be able to deliver a better investigative product from criminal analysis ”, Carrasco said.

The prefect emphasized the need to be updated in terms of data analysis, especially since the crime, according to the police institution, has been mutating and adding new challenges to the PDI, so they seek to “have a superlative level to strengthen our competences and that is where the PDI is linked with different strategic entities to strengthen these competences, in this case the ULS ”.

For the professionals of the Office of Institutional Analysis of the ULS, this work will allow to transfer knowledge, which is the fundamental and key idea of ​​the University, to carry out exchange of technical experience, modeling, analysis, collection and treatment of information.

“From the criminal analysis it is essential to manage the information and, in that sense, the alliance that we are forming with the University of La Serena is important, because it allows us to open doors of knowledge and improvement of these areas of specialization, informatics and management of large data volumes When professionalizing our informative product, the winner is the community, which is precisely the one that demands a better quality of service, a better performance of the officials ”, stressed the prefect José Carrasco.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom