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The activity was carried out within the framework of the joint work between the British Council and LIITEC-ULS, and was certified by the CPEIP.

With the purpose of giving teachers new tools and methodologies to develop the essential skills for the 21st century, the Core Skills workshop on digital literacy was held, an instance where efforts were focused on introducing digital programming into the classroom, through training in the use of the micro: bit digital device. Both tools complement transversally teaching in all areas of classroom learning.

council2The instance was addressed to teachers of educational establishments under the Gabriel González Videla Corporation of La Serena, who actively participated in the conference where the LIITEC ULS Project Director, Mg, was also present. Francisco Lopez

“This workshop is a collaborative instance between the British Council and LIITEC ULS that aims to train teachers in a specific area, digital literacy and programming language using devices; 10 educational establishments participate, of which 5 are the allies of LIITEC. This is the first activity we do with the British Council, but we want to continue doing these types of activities, which ultimately adds up to all the institutions involved, ”said Mg. Francisco Lopez

The English teacher and facilitator of the British Council, Evelyn del Valle, specifically in Core Skills, was in charge of giving the workshops. “It is quite new because we had not done a training for teachers associated with technology, which I think is very good as preparation for the final work they must present. Therefore, this workshop is a training so that they can transfer their students, so that technology is available to all children. In addition, it is of great importance that the teachers who participate in these workshops generate networks, that way they contact and can answer questions that are generated from the classroom, ”he said.

At the closing of the workshop, the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés was present, who highlighted the link between the house of studies and the educational community of the Coquimbo Region, and called on teachers to “continue participating of these instances, to feel part of the ULS and to internalize in these activities, which not only help professionally, but also boys and girls of the Coquimbo Region ”.council4

While the Seremi of Education, Claudio Oyarzún, valued the realization of these activities “where teachers are empowering themselves with innovations associated with technology and programming; the above, in the service of education, allows us to develop many skills in children, in addition to teamwork and collaboration, which helps the quality of learning of our children. ”

In addition to the authorities and representing the Gabriel González Videla Corporation, there was Viviana Rivera, communal pedagogical technical coordinator of the Department. of Education.

This activity is one of several actions scheduled by the LIITEC ULS team, including visits to the associated schools, the transfer of knowledge being a constant in their work.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom