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Thanking the fiftieth anniversary and the commemoration of academics and deceased students of the University of La Serena's career was the central reason for the liturgical act.

The liturgical celebration took place in the hall of the Central House of the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of La Serena, and was attended by various authorities and academics of the Pedagogy in History and Geography, who accompanied by Father Fernando Castro, they thanked the permanence in the time of the discipline.

Also, the occasion allowed us to pray for the founding teachers, Dagoberto Campos Núñez, Juan Panades Vargas, Orlando Castillo and Iris Botarro Castro. Also, pray for the deceased academics, Roberto Páez Constela, Hugo Marín Varela, Edgardo Zelaya Caballero, Mario Ramírez and Héctor Carreño Latorre.

The liturgy is framed in the week of activities of the 50 anniversary of the Pedagogy career in History and Geography, which allows to make visible the commitment and leading role of the race in favor of the formation of integral students in this matter.

Written by Paula Godoy, ULS journalist