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South Carolina

The delegation was led by Dr. Jerry Mitchell, director of the Center for Excellence in Geographic Education at the American university.

The 21, 22 and 23 days of May visited the Coquimbo Region, specifically the Social Sciences Department and the Pedagogy in History and Geography of the U. de La Serena, students and professors from the University of South Carolina, United States United.

This visit was developed in the context of academic links established through the Geographical Education program of the University of La Serena (Edugeográfica), coordinated by Dr. Fabián Araya. The delegation was headed by Dr. Jerry Mitchell, director of the Center of Excellence of Geographic Education of the American University.

Among the activities of the Geography course in Latin America, Dr. Mitchell, in conjunction with the Mg. Ximena Cortés and Dr. Fabián Araya, carried out several field works in the Serena-Coquimbo conurbation, the Fray Jorge Park and the Elqui Valley.

"These are very important opportunities to strengthen ties of cooperation and friendship between the Department of Social Sciences of the University of La Serena with important Geographic Research Centers of the United States," said Dr. Araya.