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Three ULS careers together with Coquimbo Territory are conducting research that seeks to generate pedagogical transformation strategies in preschool education. The project is carried out in three educational establishments in Coquimbo: Peñuelas School, President Aníbal Pinto Garmendia School and Hellen Keller School, which are part of the Educational Innovation Network of Learning Communities in the region.

Pedagogy careers in Early Childhood Education, Ing. In Business Administration and Mining Engineering; Teachers and students of the Department of Education, together with Coquimbo Territory - regional team of the Learning Communities project - are conducting a research-oriented analysis of what happens in the educational spaces of the nursery levels of the schools that are part of the network, to contribute to the co-construction of improvements in pedagogical practices.

learning communities2The Learning Communities proposal, based on Dialogic Learning, has been implemented during 4 years throughout Chile and today contributes to the education of more than 80 schools, colleges and high schools, of which 38 are from our region. Thus, it seeks to contribute effectively in the learning of students, adding new forms of work in the classroom and, mainly, assuming that education is a participatory phenomenon that is based on social interactions where their different must be integrated actors: students, proxies, teachers and officials.

Since the 2018, Coquimbo Territory has implemented the idea of ​​educational transformation in more than 30 educational establishments in the region and positive results have been obtained both in the academic field and in the personal and collective training of those who make up the network of schools of Communities of Learning. The proposal is executed free of charge, where the establishments receive professional advice and support in their transformation process for 4 years.

Research work of the University and Territory Coquimbo

The research was awarded through the competitive fund of the Directorate of Research and Development (DIDULS) in the line of Applied Pedagogical Research and links to three establishments in the network of schools of Learning Communities: Peñuelas School, President Aníbal Pinto Garmendia School and College Hellen Keller, those who will participate as study centers for a year.

In this way, the entire school community is involved in the analysis, as well as, the composition of research teams among academics of the University, students of different careers, organizations such as Coquimbo Territory and various actors of the education system is encouraged and strengthened, where an analysis of the problems associated with learning in the classroom is carried out.

Among the objectives are to identify the presence of opportunities for emerging learning and cultural intelligence present in students - which represents one of the principles of Dialogic Learning - within the schools that are part of the research.

Also, the generation of dialogic educational strategies for the best pedagogical use of the cultural knowledge of the nurses of the investigated schools is projected and thus, to be able to advance jointly with the actors themselves towards the curricular transformation, considering qualitative techniques and instruments and the construction of a statistical base that supports decision making.

Desirée López de Maturana Luna, Coordinator of the Pedagogy Career in Nursery Education, concluded that “this is one more opportunity to generate a joint, located and collaborative work that allows visibility of preschool education and rescue the cultural knowledge of children and children. girls, who, from their own childhoods, contribute to school knowledge, giving it meaning and depth ”.

Written by Javiera Villalobos, journalist Coquimbo Territory CdeA