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In the instance, tutors and their students met in order to build bonds and continue with the strengthening and bonding of students.

The team of the Program of Support to the Permanence, Performance, Leveling and Integral Development of the Student, LEARN ULS, in order to strengthen the connection of the students and the peer-specialist tutors of the 40 careers of the University, held the first meeting of 2019 tutors.

tutors learn2For the coordinator of the area of ​​Monitoring and Monitoring APRENDE ULS, Marcela Altamirano, “the meeting was a very significant instance to help strengthen the identity of specialist tutors and students accompanied by the program. Together, it constituted a space for socialization, in which all participants shared psychoeducational dynamics that allowed them to strengthen interpersonal relationships between them. ”

In addition, the Academic Linking Coordinator APRENDE PACE ULS, Loreto Garrido, said that “on the occasion, students who served as coordinating tutors participated during the first semester, who shared their experiences in the program and also some perceptions they collect from the students, in the spaces of the tutorials; This generated a lot of attention from the attendees. ”

The program of the activity was based on exposing the work procedure established for the realization of the tutorials, according to three areas: the academic, psychoeducational and monitoring and follow-up. In these exhibitions, part of the APRENDE ULS program team and peer tutors who have had good accompaniment practices participated.

In this context, Su-Ling Chea, coordinating tutor APRENDE ULS and student of the Journalism career, stressed that “it was a very positive day, where we could share between us tutors and our tutors, learn more about the work of professionals that are part of the program; I could tell my experience and I think it is important that we as students know the reality of being part of the LEARN ULS, understand that it is a network that works in our University ”.

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program