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The activity is part of the second version of "University for a day", organized by the Integrated Pedagogy Management Unit (UGIP), with the purpose of clarifying doubts about the vocation and teaching profession.

One of the great challenges and fears that middle school students have is to be able to define their professional vocation and choose correctly the career they will study over the next few years. It is not easy to define about a future profession, especially when external factors such as family, friends, financial stability, among others are involved.

univ2Taking these aspects into consideration, the UGIP launched the first day of “University for a day” last year, an occasion that brought together about 50 students of third and fourth year of secondary education, who through an experiential experience They had the opportunity to clarify their vocational doubts in relation to the teaching profession.

“This instance is a unique opportunity that not all students in the Coquimbo Region have, and it is not less, because it marks an important milestone in their lives, which is to come to the University of La Serena dependencies as teaching students mean and feel university for a day; it's about what you are going to experience next year, ”said the Vice Chancellor for Academics, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón.

In this second version, there were more than sixty fourth-year middle school students, from the communities of Ovalle, Vicuña, Coquimbo and La Serena, who expressed their interest in training as future teachers. Through the talk “Centennial Teachers: Who are they? What will they do? ”Taught by Professor Dr. Hugo Tapia, they had a first approach to the teaching world.

Also, the head of Admission, Mg. Gonzalo Honores, and the teacher and coordinator of this day, Dr. Karla Campaña, delivered relevant information about the pedagogical offer that the house of studies has.

univ3One of the most anticipated activities by schoolchildren was to participate in classes in the previously chosen pedagogical careers, being able to know in a real way the routine and university life.

“I was interested in participating in this activity to solve some doubts about what pedagogy is and to learn more about education. I feel that education is something very important, because, after the family, it is the fundamental basis for human development, and being here allows us to get closer to the university world, ”said Javier Godoy, a student at the Antonio Varas School in Vicuña.

Meanwhile, Daniela González, a student at Gabriela Mistral School, who participated in the Ped classes. in Music Education, he said that “I wanted to know more about what I want to study and the dependencies of the University. One of my purposes of studying pedagogy is to be able to convey to children about my knowledge. ”

In this way, the participants toured the different campuses where pedagogical careers are taught, participating in different classes, and accompanied by a group of monitors composed of teachers in training, who shared their experiences as future educators.

Written Daniela Ledezma, UGIP

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