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Closing the sixth day of competition, the solar car of the University of La Serena is located in the 7 ° place of a total of 27 competing vehicles in the Challenger category, still 500 km. To go.

An outstanding participation is that of the Intikallpa V solar car of the University of La Serena, the only Latin American representative in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019 of Australia, where it is currently located in the 7 ° place of 27 solar vehicles in competition in the Challenger category.inti2

This is Intikallpa's third participation in this race, highlighting again among the 10 best solar cars of the world championship, where it competes with vehicles from universities in countries such as China, Holland, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, among others.

Only two days before the end of the competition, the ULS solar car has traveled a total of 2.431 km, being only 500 km. of the goal.

Intikallpa project

The solar car project, built by students and academics of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has the support of the University, through various units, in addition to the collaboration provided by different companies and institutions.

Unlike the predecessor vehicle (Intikallpa IV), in this new construction, materials used in Formula 1 cars, fighter jets and sailboats were considered. It has a more aerodynamic design than the previous one, in its front part, which allows to reduce energy consumption by 15%.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom