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An experience associated with the subject of Assistantship Practice, which is taught in the sixth semester of the Pedagogy in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, was aimed at bringing the enjoyment and understanding of science.

With the purpose of sharing knowledge, seal of the University of La Serena, the career of Pedagogy in Chemistry and Cs. Naturales developed a new day of visits to its laboratories, where Christ School students had the opportunity to experiment, ask questions, answers and increase the understanding of the phenomena of their daily lives, with a scientific focus.

Chemistry2The objective is to bring the enjoyment and understanding of these issues closer together. For this, an experience associated with the Assistantship practice course, which is taught in the sixth semester of the degree, was organized around the acid-base assessment.

Benjamín Polanco, who is in fourth grade, valued the initiative that allows him to “experiment in this area, even beyond what we can see in school, and to learn from people who are specialized in the subject and guide us in a way that we can understand things and do them in a better way. ”

Dr. Patricia Pizarro, Coordinator of the Pedagogy career in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, explained that the students, with this experience, manage to “determine the amount of acid in a vinegar sample. We work with simple materials that they can access in their educational establishments and that are not in danger for the development of the practical. In this way, we share knowledge with them. ”

On the other hand, Claudia Carmona, professor of Chemistry at Christ School, said that the students of her establishment are arousing interest in Chemistry, and these instances help her school development. “This link has been generated with the University of La Serena and we have always opened the doors to bring students and work with them in these pedagogical outings. They can know the work that is carried out in university laboratories and they like to come ”.

In this way, the University of La Serena continues to work on sharing knowledge to the community in response to the institutional seal.

Written by Patricia Castro, Science and Technology Outreach and Dissemination Team