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The rectors and rector of the eighteen Universities of the State of Chile, we want to express our opinion regarding the events that are being unleashed in our country.

The great social mobilizations of recent days have revealed a deep malaise of Chilean society, product of the social, cultural and economic model that we have built for decades and that has not been able to reduce inequality and promote social cohesion of our country.

It was proclaimed that the privatization of fundamental public services, such as education, health, pensions, transport and health services would be the mechanism for social integration based on personal effort and meritocratic individualism to allow a prosper development for all and all. This has not happened. On the contrary, the measures implemented under the principles of this model have been ineffective as evidenced by the increase in social inequality, visible in the income gap between the richest and poorest deciles, social and urban segregation, and in access to education and health, among other fundamental services.

In this context, fostering dialogue and nonviolence necessarily requires a new social pact whose horizon and actions tend to resume the path of cohesion and social justice.

State universities, as a space for understanding and dialogue in these significant change processes, offer our political authorities and the regional and national society to which we owe, all the capabilities of our students, academics and academics and the University community in general, with creativity, freedom and tolerance to contribute to this urgent task.

We are facing a unique and historical opportunity that we cannot waste.


Santiago, 21 October 2019