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La Serena, October 25 from 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

Within the framework of the state of exception that our country lives and considering that as a University of La Serena we have the duty to reject any situation that affects the violation of fundamental rights of our Community, it is that we inform that from Tuesday, October 22 a team of professionals from our house of higher studies, led by Mrs. Elizabeth Escobar Toro, Lawyer Counsel and Mrs. Patricia Astroza Morgan, Social Assistant of the Directorate General for Student Affairs (DGAE), together with lawyer Carlos Magna, Director of the Law Degree, they have been working on the task of supporting students who have been arrested in recent days, in the context of demonstrations or curfews.

The corresponding School Directors or Career Coordinators have joined them.

In this area, the advice of the Regional Prosecutor Mr. Adrián Vega Cortés, the Regional Ombudsman Ms. Inés Rojas Varas and the Public Criminal Defender Mr. Carlos Esperguen Sepúlveda has been provided.

Likewise, the guidance of the team of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), an institution that has supported our management as a University, has been requested because of the fact that they went to verify the status of the students while they have been detained.

In this sense, coordinated by the University, all the aforementioned instances have supported the task of advising student complaints, either through the Human Rights Institute or through the Public Ministry directly.

It should be noted that we have made contact with each of the affected students and their families, with the idea of ​​providing guidance on the measures to be taken.

Along the same lines, Mr. Efraín Villalobos, Director of the Center for Victims of Violent Crimes of the Judicial Assistance Corporation (CAVI), has been contacted, with whom we have managed psychological containment with professionals specialized in the subject.

It should be noted that the Work Commission above individualized, will have the respective safe-conducts, in case your work must be carried out during travel restriction schedules by curfew status.

In concluding, I would like to ratify that as a State University we have not been oblivious to the social problems that we are going through as a country, where the social inequality that we have faced in recent years has been strongly expressed, with the aim of obtaining better living conditions for all Chileans

Emphasize emphatically that we reject violence in any of its forms, and that today more than ever, our corporate values, social responsibility, pluralism and participation become stronger; and as a state university, it is a duty to put them into practice for the benefit of the community under a climate of respect, tolerance and democratic dialogue.

For this reason, we will be vigilant before any action that violates fundamental rights of the members of the university community and report before the relevant authority.

Finally, note that due to the latest events and considering that there is still a climate of social insecurity that puts people's integrity at risk, it has been established to extend the suspension of all academic and administrative activities until the Wednesday 30 October included.

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro