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La Serena, November 01 of 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

Two weeks have passed since the country's social outbreak due to demands for fairer and more inclusive living conditions for everyone. A cry from Chilean society for social justice that could not be silenced by repression or by the political responses formulated until today.

We have witnessed mass and peaceful demonstrations for a better Chile; citizen cry that has shown that the vast majority want a structural change to the model that led us to form a fragmented and divided society.

As an academic and Rector, I have kept an eye on the course of events listening to the different voices and interests of the ULS community. Students, non-academic officials and academics have discussed and declared positions regarding the movement and the performance of political authorities, being a common denominator the repudiation of violence in any of its forms, especially, one that affects the violation of fundamental rights of citizenship and, of course, of the members of our university community, as happened with some of our students.

Institutionally, as I indicated in previous communiqués, I have arranged the operation of a professional complaint support team of members of the ULS community who have been victims of the violation of their fundamental rights. This team –conformed from the first situations of excessive violence, is made up of the Legal Counsel, the Chief Social Assistant and the Director of the Career of Law, together with directors and coordinators– continues alert and ready to address any new situation.

The ULS community has also expressed concern about the return to university work, demanding security conditions for people and spaces, goods and infrastructure. This has led to students (Student Federation) and non-academic officials (Association of AF Officials) will communicate their status as stoppage of activities; while the academics (Association of Academics AF) resolved to declare in mobilization state to carry out conversations and proposal construction.

In this context, and observing the course of events in our country and the Coquimbo Region, is that 04 will be convened for this Monday, November extraordinary session of the Academic Council in order that, within it and in coordination with the Internal Triennial Commission, it resolves the courses of action for the immediate future, listening and respecting the feel of the university community around staying in a state of reflection, Adherence to the movement and attitude, in conditions of prevention and protection of the integrity of people, which should mean that in no case, immediately, return to normal classes or academic and administrative work. In this way, the session of the Academic Council should give light on the framework of action in which as a community we can, in a cohesive and active way, participate in the search for country solutions, either in terms of reflection activities, conversations and / or councils, formulation of proposals and security measures for the community, facilities and infrastructure, among others.

In this way, the suspension of activities is extended until Monday 04 of November inclusive, awaiting for what you solve the Academic Council to As of Tuesday 5 of the present.


Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro