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La Serena, November 04 of 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

Continuing with the policy of keeping our entire community informed, I would like to announce that today, Monday 04 of November, the Special Session No. 8 of the Academic Council was held.

The central theme of the meeting was to analyze in depth the contingency and its implications at the institutional level, with the objective of defining courses of action related to the use of our dependencies and administrative and teaching tasks.

In this regard, to address decision-making, the day began with the report of the administrative, responsible for institutional security, who delivered a detailed account of a series of events that involved the dependencies of the University of La Serena from the day October 18.

In this sense, the security officer explained that in his opinion the measure of having kept the institutional units closed, was the most accurate, since keeping the Campus without access, has minimized the chances of exposure to attacks both people As to the dependencies.

In this same context, to analyze the event, the Academic Vice Chancellor delivered a report from the Higher Education institutions belonging to the Council of Rectors that were mobilized to the November 02. The information was collected from the Directorates of Student Affairs of the Universities of each institution.

In this regard, the cadastre determined that of the total of 28 universities consulted (CRUCH), 61% of them are unemployed in their activities. Of this same total, that is, of the 28 universities consulted, 24 does not have a defined date to resume its teaching activities. Of the universities, 90% of them expressed to resume their administrative activities as of today, Monday, November 04. Of the latter, today, several of them are operating only administratively, in limited hours and spaces for meetings and reflection activities.

In the main, after the intervention of the representatives of the Association of Academics AF, Association of Officials AF, the Federation of Students and the four Deans; The Academic Council considered defining the state of mobilization of the University of La Serena for the next few days. The meeting coincided with the need to have meeting and reflection spaces that were preferably their own, however, it was suggested that the safety of the people and the infrastructure of the campuses should be privileged and that the spaces be opened gradually.

After an extensive dialogue, agreements were:

1 The University of La Serena will maintain its state of mobilization without teaching activities, until this Friday, November 08, with the participation of the student, academic and official levels, adhering to the days of reflection that have begun throughout the country. The situation will be periodically evaluated; however, critical administrative tasks and institutional commitments that cannot be postponed, including hiring proposals, processing of service commissions, tenders, payments to suppliers and response to comptroller bodies, must be executed in a timely manner according to the needs. All this requires -and it is necessary to request it- of a greater management and effort in the procedures by interested parties, due to the current situation, different from the usual one.

These tasks must be coordinated between the Chiefs of Units and the respective Vice Rectors.

2 The spaces of the Exhibition Hall of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, the Parking lot of the Isabel Bongard Campus and the Mistral House of the Companies will be enabled to generate meeting spaces and instances that allow us to propose work proposals to address the current crisis in our country . These spaces will be operating between the 08: 00 and 12: 00 hours from Tuesday 05 to Friday 08 in November. The use of the spaces must be channeled to the person in charge of the Protocol, Mrs. Karina Damke, through the representatives of the academic and non-academic associations or the Student Federation, as well as by the Deans of Faculties.

3 According to the results of the evaluations of the scenarios, it is expected to gradually open university units, starting Monday, November 11. Always based on the protection of the entire community and university units.

4 It is agreed to modify in general terms and transient way, the Academic Calendar of the second semester of 2019, corresponding on the one hand to the weeks between the 21 of October and the 04 of November, to regularize the two weeks already elapsed from suspension of activities for security reasons, and on the other the corresponding suspension with activities indicated in the 1 and 2 Points, from the 5 to the November 8.

Once the agreements have been made, Mrs. Elizabeth Escobar subsequently reported on the work in support of the attention of students who have been detained in the context of the mobilizations, commission led by Mrs. Elizabeth Escobar, the Social Assistant Mrs. Patricia Astroza and Law school academics.

At the request of the interim President of FEULS, from this week, this team joins Ms. Marcela Segall of the Office of Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, who will contribute with the work necessary to coordinate or derive psychological support of those who have been affected.

Finally, it should be reiterated that all the measures taken by the Academic Council had as a priority the protection of the security of the persons and assets of the institution. And that, it is a duty of all and all to contribute as an institution of the State of Chile to the collaborative process of generating proposals that allow to build a more just and equitable Chile.

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro