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La Serena, Friday 08 of November of 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

As a way to continue our state of mobilization and with the objective of keeping our students, academic officials and non-academic officials informed, about the decisions that allow us to effectively address the contingency that as a country is affecting us, and considering what agreed in Special Session No. 8 of the Academic Council, regarding the gradual opening of university spaces; Friday at the Expanded Rectory Committee meeting, held with the participation of Vice Chancellors, Deans, Senior Authorities and Presidents of the Association of AF Officials, Association of Academics AF and the Acting President of the Student Federation of the University of La Serena ( FEULS), the following was agreed:

1 Considering the state of mobilization in which the University of La Serena is located, associated with achieving an equitable Chile, it was agreed to urge all academic and administrative units to continue generating spaces for reflection on the current moment in our country, as well as also, provide the necessary facilities for all members of the community to participate in the corporate activities that are organized, which will be directed to the internal community.

2 Therefore, the University will open its spaces for reflection activities, administrative activities and non-teaching academic activities, in all campuses and attached buildings. This will be done during the week from 11 to November 15, both dates inclusive, in part-time work that will be extended between 08: 00 and 12: 30 hours. In this sense, for all cases, proper understanding of the headquarters is requested so that they consider a flexible schedule depending on the place and the prevailing conditions.

3 Due to the mobilization status of the University, the suspension of classes will be maintained to facilitate participation in reflection activities, respecting the agreement taken by the Student Estate

4.To protect the integrity of the university community, preventive access measures will be available in all Campus and / or institutional units.

Finally, once again it is reiterated that these actions will be periodically evaluated according to the evolution of events, and that all the measures adopted have as a priority the protection of the security of people, the assets of the institution and the generation of spaces for reflection.

Everyone is invited to contribute as members of an institution of the State of Chile, to the collaborative process of proposing proposals that allow building a fairer Chile.

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro