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RUEFIP conference

The University of La Serena hosted the second annual meeting of the State University Network of Initial Pedagogical Training (RUEFIP), which was held on November 7 and 8.

Established as a space for interuniversity analysis, discussion and reflection on issues related to initial teacher training, the state universities that are part of the RUEFIP network meet every semester to address these issues and thus contribute to the formative quality of the Country teachers.

On this occasion, there were eight participating universities in northern and southern Chile, among them the U. of La Serena, the U. of Los Lagos, the U. of Bío Bío, the U. of Playa Ancha, the U. of O'Higgins, the U. of Magallanes, the U. of Santiago de Chile and the U. Metropolitan of Education Sciences.

“We have the opportunity to share significant experiences and initiatives, and mainly to establish dialogues regarding the role of the Network and the challenges that are yet to come in relation to pedagogical training,” said the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón.

The day was held in two days, in which five work groups were formed, who reflected on the objectives of the Network in relation to Access to Universities, Quality Assurance, Diagnostic Evaluations, Student Mobility and the investigation.

RUEFIP 2 conferenceFor the rest, the instance had the presence of Mg. Rosa Miranda, Initial Training Coordinator of the Center for Improvement, Experimentation and Pedagogical Research (CPEIP) of the Ministry of Education, body responsible for implementing the 20.903 Law, which is responsible for defining the basis of public policy focused on guiding and regulating the development of teachers and educators.

The professional shared with those present the challenges they have as a Center and how the agency faces in the implementation of policies aimed at pedagogical careers. “The CPEIP has 52 years of history, and the task of the Center is not directed only towards practicing teachers, because the Law opens a window from the attraction of pedagogical careers to the recognition of teachers who are in the school system ”, Explained the coordinator.

Within the CPEIP challenges mentioned by Mg. Miranda, is the work done with standards, diagnostic evaluations, and the work done with the National Accreditation Commission (CNA) in the criteria to develop improvement plans.

Finally, each representative of the work tables presented the results proposed by areas and discussed the organization of the next National and International Congress of Initial Pedagogical Training, projected for May of 2020.

“The Conference of the RUEFIP was developed in a very appropriate way, according to the established program. The projections of the various objectives were made for next year and the guidelines for the execution of a National Teacher Training Congress to be developed at the University of Santiago (USACH) in May of 2020 were designed. It is also important to note that, as RUEFIP, a public declaration was prepared related to the social and political events that are happening in our country in recent weeks, ”said Dr. Fabián Araya, Alternate Executive Director of the Integrated Pedagogy Management Unit (UGIP).

Written by Daniela Ledezma, UGIP.