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Pablo article

The article is about teachers' beliefs about time in education and understanding the subjective theories of teachers in the Coquimbo Region.

An article by the academics of the Department of Psychology of the University of La Serena, Pablo Castro and Ingrid González, has been published in the volume 56 - N ° 2, the journal Psychology and Education, indexed in Scopus. The publication addresses teachers' beliefs about time, which has been identified as a relevant dimension for the construction and interpretation of professional teaching knowledge.

The objective of the work was to understand the subjective theories of professors from the Coquimbo Region with different years of work experience and who teach students from various groups in socioeconomic strata.

This article reports results of a Regular DIDULS project conducted by the two ULS academics authors of this work, in which Raúl Zuleta, David Cuadra (U. de Atacama) and Cristián Oyanadel (U. de Concepción) also participated.

“Based on qualitative methodology, it was found that the subjective theories of the participating teachers have a negative emotional meaning, are subordinate to other theories and preserve the action. Consequently, their subjective theories contain explanations with external attribution and not controllable over time, which could generate limitations of change actions with respect to time management, ”the publication states.

The work of the ULS academic is available here https://rb.gy/01fb87