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1 care day

The initiative corresponded to the CEC of Nursing, Kinesiology and Psychology and contemplated actions such as first aid workshops, posture and corporality, deepening and others.

During a whole day, the activities of the day of self-care for students of the University of La Serena "The Holistic Labyrinth of Health, Advancing towards an integral health", which included talks and workshops carried out in the Isabel Bongard Campus of the House of studies, focused on different areas of interest and usefulness for university students.

2 care dayThe day was prepared for young people by their own colleagues from the careers (CEC) centers of Nursing, Kinesiology and Psychology, with the support of the Psychological and Integral Health Care Center (CAPSI) of the ULS, the sponsorship of the General Directorate of Student Affairs (DGAE) and contributions from the schools of Nursing and Psychology and the Kinesiology career.

The actions developed in the Campus Amphitheater, included the installation of information booths of the three races, the DGAE and the Mining Circus, as well as talks and workshops (first aid, deepening, posture and corporality, etc.) made in the same classroom and in the Teaching Support Center of the Faculty of Humanities (CADH).

Fernanda Castillo, coordinator of the CAPSI and the activity, highlighted at the opening of the event that this unique initiative managed to unite the careers, units and faculties of the institution in the work for health, showing the importance of multidisciplinary work.

3 care dayMeanwhile, one of the people in charge of logistics and organization, coordination of efforts and management of institutional resources was Julio Gutiérrez, a psychology career trainee at CAPSI, who underlined the purpose of this initiative, which sought to cover a need in subject of stress in the students, through these workshops.

The actions included in the program were very varied. As Giovanna Milla, student of the Nursing career, explained during the morning, her classmates Valeria Ahumada and Diego Caroca presented "an activity about the consumption of energy drinks and the risk that students have in combining them with medication, with alcohol, high consumption that these have and how they affect physiologically in our organism ". While in the afternoon, with his partner Pablo Cataldo, it was his turn to lead a first aid workshop that addressed the handling of wounds, burns, CPR and Hemlich maneuver.

4 care daySebastián Aldunate, a student of Kinesiology at the University of La Serena, said that at his stand they were "explaining all the care in the study, how to carry a backpack and when sitting at the desk in front of the computer. (...) For example, product of using a single arc of the backpack, we will be prone to have a deviation in the column, which is called scoliosis. At the time of sitting, being at the desk, we tend to hump ourselves, which causes cervical pain and, when writing or doing computer work, we can face tendonitis. " In this way, together with his classmates, they were helping to deal with these problems, teaching how to use the backpack (with both arms and at the right height), how to manipulate the keyboard and how to have a good posture in front of the computer.

While Isis Rojas, also a second year of Kinesiology, appreciated that these initiatives allow people to know more about the role of the kinesiologist and the opportunity that was offered to explain problems such as those mentioned by Sebastian, through anatomy and biomechanics, delivering answers in a more scientific way to the attendees. "I think it's going to be a contribution, because in everyday life this will serve the integral health of the students," he said.

The young organizers were happy to work in comprehensive health from and for students, emphasizing promotion and prevention. In the same way, they called other careers to join this initiative, which positively influences their development as students, career performance and knowledge of the profession.