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The signing of the collaboration agreement between both institutions was celebrated with the planting of various native species in the Andrés Bello Campus of the house of studies.

With the planting of the first 20 native species, out of a total of 100 that INIA Intihuasi donated for the ULS Reforesta program, the Agricultural Research Institute and the University of La Serena sealed an agreement in which both institutions agreed to work collaboratively on the development of research in joint areas, such as sustainability and environmental care.3 1 agreement

This alliance considers research internships of postgraduate students at the INIA-Intihuasi facilities, participation of researchers in tutorial or thesis committees of pre and postgraduate students, research and development projects on specific topics of common interest, promoting collaboration in the realization of R + D + I projects for the benefit of the regional development of the northern macrozone, among other actions.

The Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, specified that this agreement signing “comes to reinforce a work that the University has been doing for years with INIA and other research related organizations. In addition, this was an excellent instance for INIA officials to plant a tree and join our initiative to reforest the slope of the Andrés Bello Campus. We want to continue promoting agricultural research, which involves taking care of the environment and knowing the reality of our region. ”

The INIA Regional Director, Edgardo Díaz, said that “the agreement represents the effort of two institutions that want to continue advancing in the growth of human capital in the Coquimbo Region. We are currently facing a major climate and water crisis, which implies redoubling our efforts to find solutions to current and future problems. ”

Plantation of native species

The INIA officials who participated in the planting of native species on the slope of the Andrés Bello Campus - as part of the Reforesta ULS and “1 worker 1 tree for Chile” programs of the Institute - were very happy and grateful for the opportunity that his institution and the ULS gave them, since, in that way, as they indicated, "we contribute to our city and help the planet."

The INIA official, Ericka González, said that “when they told us about this initiative, to plant a tree, no one from INIA doubted it. In my case I want to leave a mark for my grandchildren, by the time they come to study at the ULS they know that this is ours and that it is a great pride and that we could help the community of La Serena. ”

Asked about the reforestation plan that the ULS is carrying out, the INIA Regional Director was very happy to be part of this project by donating native trees 100. “This is transcendental, taking into account the climatic situation we currently have. We also wanted to be part of this because we know that if we donate these trees, the ULS will take care of them and take the necessary measures for the conservation, such as the guayacán, which will be in a protection zone, ”he said.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom