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La Serena, Friday 15 of November of 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

Today culminates a week since we decided to open the university spaces and launch a program of reflection and gradual restart of activities, which will empathize with the social situation, providing balanced conditions of security to the university community and meeting options to reflect and propose solutions to the demands of citizenship.

After the first week under this modality –which included classroom hours from 08: 00 to 12: 30 hrs.– this morning the Rectory Committee, consisting of Deans, Vice Chancellors and representatives of both associations of academic and non-academic officials and also, Representatives of the Student Federation (FEULS), with the purpose of evaluating the impact of the measures and defining courses of action for the following days.

Revised the background - which included the reports of the security area of ​​the ULS and the positions of the Faculties, associations of academic and non-academic officials, Student Federation and Rectory - the following was resolved:

  1. Continue in administrative and academic work activities without classes, during the week between Monday 18 to Friday 22 November, including the existing student unemployment, providing facilities for the university community to participate actively in the instances of dialogue, reflection and proposals that the different academic and non-academic units are promoting.
  2. Extend the opening hours of campus and annex buildings, as well as the permanence of academic and non-academic (as) officials, under continuous working hours, from 08: 00 to 16: 00 hrs., with recess of 30 minutes for collation. At this point, special flexibility criteria are requested to understand the different situations that may arise.
  3. The School Directors and / or Career Coordinators, must generate spaces for conversation and meeting with their students, with the purpose of visualizing future actions, in the context of reflection in which we find ourselves and respecting the paralysis of activities that this student body has decided.
  4. Comply with the registration of attendance by unit in the different campuses and annexed buildings, agreeing with the headquarters the modality of signature, with the corresponding flexibility.

As provided by the full Academic Council, the measures and actions will continue to be evaluated periodically, in order to ensure their relevance and opportunity in the dynamic and uncertain social scenario that is presented, so as to resume full activities whenever possible.

He greets you with special attention,

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro