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The eighteen universities of the State of Chile value the agreement reached by the National Congress to move towards a New Constitution, trusting that it will allow us to democratically build the country we want.

It is essential to safeguard the legitimacy of this process, ensure broad citizen participation, an essential pillar for cohesion and social peace. We hope that the mechanism defined for a New Constitution will ensure the active participation of all, including important aspects, such as gender equality and the inclusion of indigenous peoples.

Having ignored these and other expressions of inequality is one of the keys to understanding the social outbreak that has occurred in Chile.

The rectors and rectors of the state universities believe that it is urgent to move towards a fair and equal society that guarantees the well-being of the population, social cohesion and for this, it is necessary to strengthen public education, strengthen the national health system, redefine the role of the State, enhance regional development and tend towards a sustainable economic model.

The universities of the State through the generation and delivery of knowledge to society, we commit ourselves to open our spaces for discussion and reflection throughout Chile, and guarantee that our technical capabilities will be available to the country for the challenge of Build a new constitution.

Chile can count on its state universities, which are available to actively participate in the construction of a new development model that allows us to move towards a more democratic, more inclusive, fairer country, based on mutual cooperation and collaboration.

Source: CUECH