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This Wednesday 27 of November, the institutions belonging to the Consortium of Universities of the State of Chile (CUECH), sign a historical agreement that will allow to make postgraduate consortiums between the different state universities throughout the country.

This is one of the most ambitious projects projected by the Research Network of the state universities and will allow graduate students to access common study programs, generating a coordinated exchange of knowledge between CUECH 18 campuses.

The agreement represents a milestone for these institutions and contributes to raising the quality standards of public higher education, thanks to the contribution of academics from different territories.

This is also the case of Eduardo Álvarez, Director of Research at the University of Talca, who points out that the creation of these programs is “go one step further, since it implies a non-circumstantial collaboration, but a medium and long-term one”.

From this agreement, the academic bodies will be built with the contribution of all the universities participating in the program, according to the requirements demanded by the National Accreditation System, directly benefiting institutions that until now did not have a cloister to develop postgraduate courses larger, especially doctorates.

In this way, the progress of the Research Network will directly impact the development of human capital, through activities that are a significant advance in the quality assurance of postgraduate programs. This goes hand in hand with the objectives of this network that has managed to link academics throughout Chile.

“Since its creation, the Research network has been able to articulate research groups that, if not for this instance, would hardly have been grouped together,” Eduardo Álvarez concluded.

In addition, the agreement will include the commitment to work for the implementation of postgraduate student mobility activities, with modalities ranging from internships and research, to co-tutoring of thesis of the magister and doctorate.

Source: Network of Chilean State Universities