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breakfast 1

The activity provided information on the FIULS 2030 Project and the Office of Graduate Tracking.

Around 35 graduates and graduates of the Mining Engineering and Civil Engineering Mining careers participated in this meeting, as well as academics and managers of these undergraduate programs.

In this regard, one of the graduates, Esteban Escobar, commented that “it is super good that graduates come together to make contact networks because in the end one works in different places and there is no such union and that relationship between different professionals in the area. This meeting is good because everyone is contributing their experience. ”

breakfast 2For its part, the titled Gabriela Castillo, stressed: “the meeting was very good because the main objective is to strengthen ties, and that is what we did with several colleagues, with several graduates who are already in the industry and can share experiences that we they can serve when we start working, or those who are starting their work period, so I found it super interesting. ”

The activity, together with generating bonds and allowing sharing experiences, was aimed at disseminating information on the Office of Graduate Monitoring and the FIULS 2030 Project.

In this regard, Rodrigo Davanzo, in charge of the Office of Follow-up of Graduates, indicated that “the OSE is a university instance of liaison with the means responsible for providing information regarding employability and labor progression of graduates of the University of La Serena, which transforms it into a bridge between the labor insertion needs of graduates and the requirements of the labor market. Within our fields of action, we find generating complementary actions to the work of the academic units for the permanent strengthening of competencies of students with an exit profile, such as individual Coaching Sessions, teamwork workshops and integral preparation, in order to favor labor insertion and access to the employability of graduates ”.

On the other hand, FIULS 2030 is the project of a new Engineering for the 2030, led by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena. It seeks to transform the Faculty into a national and international reference in R&D, with emphasis on mining, energy and sustainability, involving the different actors and sectors of society, to contribute to the formation of world class human capital. It is constituted as an educational, innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem that uses technology as a vehicle to produce an impact on the national and international market.

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVEULS.