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puerto cordilleraThis meeting was held after the development of 3 training workshops in educational establishments of the education service by the Pedagogy race in Differential Education and the Inclusion Project of the house of studies.

With the objective of generating a comprehensive support plan for the students of the University of La Serena, within a framework of inclusion and universal accessibility, representatives of the Pedagogy race in Differential Education and the ULS 1799 Inclusion Project held a meeting with professionals of the Puerto Cordillera Public Education Local Service (Andacollo - Coquimbo), during the November 29 day, in order to carry out collaborative work.

This meeting was carried out thanks to previous workshops carried out by the Pedagogy in Differential Education and the ULS Inclusion Project in different educational establishments of the educational service.

During the meeting a request was made for places of practice and research for the different careers of the University. In addition, the representatives of the University offered to the Local Education Service the development of training in various related topics.

The academic of the Department participated in the meeting. of Education and the Pedagogy career in Differential Education, Dr. Georgina García Escala, the ULS 1799 Project support professional, Alejandra Galleguillos Carrasco, and representatives of the SLEP Puerto Cordillera.