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La Serena, December 04 of 2019.

Dear ULS Community:

Continuing with the policy of keeping them informed in relation to aspects associated with contingency and institutional work, I would like to point out the following:

1 As Universidad de La Serena, we continue to support social demands aimed at achieving greater social equity in our country and protection of human rights. In this regard, I appreciate the interest of our community to participate in the different activities that have been organized in recent weeks and that give an account of a committed university community that wishes to contribute to the construction of a more fair and supportive country for all. ).

In this same spirit, it is necessary to understand the total respect for student unemployment and limited work activities, tending to generate constructive and valuable triestamental approaches, which give an account of our institution's own seal.

In this same context, highlight the work of the lawyer Mrs. Elizabeth Escobar Toro and her team, to whom I have requested continue with support for possible human rights violations to members of the ULS community.

2 In terms of the demands of officials and academics, it is important that they know that the Triestamental Committee of the Academic Council -formed by the Association of Academics AF, the Association of AF Officials and the Student Federation- is working on the construction of a first approximation of the 2020 Budget.

This authority, like the university community, expects and trusts that the 2020 budget collects all the requirements, both union and academic, realistically, as it has been done in previous years, when the Triennial Commission has presented an initial proposal of the Budget to be analyzed by the Academic Council, and then submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

3 Having officially received from CUECH the proposal of the CONFECH for the Closing of the Second Semester 2019, which should be discussed by said instance on December 07 in Valparaíso, we share some of its contents, which mainly states the following:

  • Given the situation, the students point out that neither the rectories, nor the teachers, nor the workers, nor the student federations, through their representatives can ensure the physical and mental integrity of the members of their university communities and that, because they are treated of an atypical situation and out of control of the civil society, this prevents a normal closing of the second semester, which generates negative consequences for the houses of studies and the estates that integrate them.
  • Likewise, they point out that, considering the implications that it would bring for all (as) to attend the different dependencies of the universities to comply with an academic calendar that, inevitably has been interrupted, today the complete will of all the states is required to find a solution and an exit that does not prevent the completion of studies, proposing an action plan against the end of the semester.
  • The Confech adds that university students must define semester closure strategies that ensure their permanence, especially for those families who do not have the resources or opportunities to sustain their studies. They propose outings that must be discussed in the full national students. The syntheses of these discussions will be collected on Saturday 7 December in the city of Valparaíso, in the national plenary CONFECH, in order to decide, together, the best path that students believe is the one we must follow.

Featured above, attached the CONFECH DISCUSSION DOCUMENT dated November 28 from 2019 for your knowledge.

Finally, comment that, in an upcoming session of the Expanded Academic Affairs Committee - which considers Deans, Directors, Associations of Academics and Officials AF and also the Federation of Students - these topics will be addressed based on what you propose The student estate.

Due to the above and appealing to the prevailing situation, it is required support, understanding and sense of solidarity of each of the levels of our house of studies, to jointly face a possible semester closure, considering the multiple factors that They must be kept in mind when making decisions as important as this.

He greets you with attention,

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro