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astronomy course

"General Topics of Astronomy" is the fourth and final course of the UnIVrso project. Registration is available through the website http://univrso.userena.digital/.

Strengthening Astrotourism in the Coquimbo Region through citizen training, is the objective of the UnIVrso project, an initiative executed by the Digital Campus of the University of La Serena, which has given free courses on different topics of Astronomy and developed a Reality application Virtual that simulates the skies of the Region from the Tololo Observatory.

Precisely, this December 18 begins the last massive and open course (mooc) called "General Topics of Astronomy", which is intended to "deliver new tools to entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises that are developed in the area of tourism. It addresses topics such as night photography, Astromistral, thematic relevant to the context of the Elqui Valley and issues related to theming and setting in this area, ”said Humberto Farías Aroca, Director of the UnIVrso project.

The curriculum designer of this course, Daniela Poblete Mahuad, said that the course is designed primarily to publicize and provide technical tools and practices on astrotourism. “We invite all entrepreneurs, tourism agents, tourism entrepreneurs and those interested in this area,” adding that “the Coquimbo Region is considered the Star Region. We wanted to design a four-week sequence with themes that address what Astrotourism is, showing its state of art. Astromistral, which teaches the stories of Gabriela Mistral inspired by the skies of our region and night photography, where there is a niche that we have to continue strengthening within the region. This is the sequence, areas that from the Astronomy benefits the region, which is not only astronomical observation, but other themes that affect regional tourism. ”

"General Topics of Astronomy" corresponds to the last course developed by the UnIVrso team, which covers "all topics that may be relevant for astrotourism and for the Coquimbo Region", indicates the Director of UnIVrso. However, "we will continue to dictate them systematically over the next few years as part of the work of the University of La Serena," he concludes.

It should be remembered that UnIVRso is part of the “Virtual Reality to Reinvent Astrotourism” project, an initiative financed through the Competitiveness Innovation Fund of the Regional Government of Coquimbo (FIC-R).

Registration is available through the website http://univrso.userena.digital/.