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In its first version, this meeting aims to become an academic space where research and experiences related to teaching in higher education are presented and debated.

In order to develop various initiatives that strengthen the development of research in higher education, the University of La Serena, through its Vice-Rectors Academic and Research and Postgraduate, held the First Teaching Congress on Higher Education “Challenges of relationship research - undergraduate teaching ”, which seeks to position itself as a space where more than one hundred academics and researchers can present and discuss work experiences related to teaching in higher education.

2 codesThe activity, which adds to the two academic writing courses carried out during the 2019, took place during the 5 and 6 days in December and was attended by more than a hundred representatives from different universities in the region and the country .

"We were surprised with the large amount of work we received, the reception that this event has had on the part of the people has been quite positive and in front of it we hope to continue working on the development of this congress, strengthening what has already been done during this year" , said the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate and president of the organizing committee of CODES, Dr. Eduardo Notte, regarding the good reception that the first version of this event has had.

One of the speakers of CODES 2019 was the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile, Dr. Oscar Jerez, who held a conference on the systematic analysis of teaching and its effects on learning of the students.3 codes

“The work carried out by the University of La Serena is important, since being a state university, it must be an engine for the development of instances focused on teaching, and with spaces such as this Teaching Congress in Higher Education, among others, ULS has managed to stand out within this area at the national level, ”said Dr. Jerez.

The topics addressed during this version were: interdisciplinarity in training, evaluation systems and monitoring of learning processes, incorporation of ICT in the training process, curricular innovation and inclusion.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom