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normative framework1

To explain in a theoretical way and spread the implications of the challenges for the update of university statutes in an accurate way, was the central objective of the three-year conversation organized by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences of the University of La Serene

Academic, non-academic and student officials participated in a three-year conversation chaired by the Director of the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Alejandro Orellana Mc Bride, and the academic of the Law degree of the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences, Germán Solís Godoy.

normative framework2The instance allowed the academic of the ULS Law career to explain the scope of the first transitory article of the 24.024 Law on the adequacy of the current university statutes and the legal framework in which said process is subscribed in the campus.

“The statutes are our constitution, therefore, I would be interested if everyone was aware of what is being done and that everyone participates delivering their opinion and thus preventing them from appearing later when everything is done, because the opportunity to making improvements and including other spheres is now in due process, ”said the academic Solís.

Likewise, Alejandro Orellana spoke about the content and scope of the current statute that governs the University of La Serena and about the prospects and challenges that the Statute Commission has in the elaboration of one that responds to the triestamental needs and demands of today.

“I think that the most important and difficult thing for an institution is to achieve consensus and agreements because that requires a lot of negotiation, a lot of generosity on the part of everyone involved at the three-year level. That is why communication is very important, to make known what is being done and to give space to listen to all opinions and all voices, ”said the Architecture scholar.

The instance allowed to generate an enriching dialogue of learning through a series of questions and deepening of doubts that generated the presents of each estate of the house of studies.

Thus, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Mauricio Godoy Seura, agreed with the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Legal Social Sciences, Dr. Luperfina Rojas Escobar, to continue with the joint work of faculties in favor of development triestamental thematic conversations that allow democratizing information for the entire university community.

The three-year conversations initiative is part of the efforts and commitments of the University of La Serena as the entity responsible for the dissemination of knowledge available to everyone and hopes to be an articulating part of the challenges facing the country.

Written by Paula Godoy, ULS journalist