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The work team presented various investigations, focused on health-related topics, during the two days of the Congress.

In order to encourage and present research in teaching in academics focused on the area of ​​health, the Research and Technology Transfer Nucleus of Health Sciences, belonging to the Faculty of Science of the University of La Serena, participated in both days of the Congress of Teaching in Higher Education 2019, with great acceptance.

In this way, the academics presented various investigations, which took as a central axis the undergraduate scientific research in the area of ​​health, ethics within clinical subjects and the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of students.

Due to its good reception, the work team hopes to present again themes focused on the area of ​​health in the continuous improvement of the curricular and pedagogical processes.

This Nucleus, composed of academics from the Kinesiology, Nursing and Dentistry careers, was created in March of the 2019 and has allowed interdisciplinary and mutually supportive work in the area of ​​research and technological transfer in health of the ULS.