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12 are educational establishments divided between the provinces of Elqui, Limarí and Choapa attached to the program.

The Program of Effective Access to Higher Education (PACE ULS), within the line of the Preparatory Component in Secondary Education (PEM), has continued its accompaniment work in educational establishments attached to the government average.

peace 2In order to complete the closings of activities scheduled for the year, the PACE ULS Middle School Accompaniment (PEM) team is developing meetings with the management teams and workshops with students from 3º and 4º during the month of December medium, in order to close the cycle of workshops 2018-2019.

Given these visits, Jovanna González, PEM PACE ULS Academic Officer, said that “the meetings we are holding with the management teams will be extended during December and focus on evaluating the work done in 2019 and projecting actions for the 2020, considering the context social of each commune that makes up the Coquimbo Region ”.

In this context, it was agreed to carry out work closing workshops with the third and fourth middle students of the twelve PACE ULS educational establishments. Juan Pablo Fajardo, in charge of PEM PACE ULS Psychosocial, said that “it is important for us to be respectful of the times and needs of the high schools we work with, so we were evaluating with whom it was possible this year to make the workshop proposal "peace 3

In parallel, the completion of the closing workshops for the students of 3º and 4º medium has already begun, adding in some educational establishments to other levels, to generate an open dialogue regarding the current context of the country. Faced with these actions, Fajardo argued that “it was necessary to resume our workshops, considering what students and educational communities have lived during the social outbreak, so we prepared a special session in which students could express what they had lived, changes they have seen in their communities and how they visualize next year, especially for those who will attend an average 4º, since this must necessarily be considered in the strategies and actions of our program ”.

On the other hand, before the end of the year, it is expected to close the activities of the PEM PACE High School Preparation component with the teachers of the high schools and colleges, as a reflection of the work done this 2019, and propose actions for the 2020 work, which will culminate with the visit to the Salamanca Polyvalent Municipal Lyceum and the Nicolás Federico Lohse Vargas de Los Vilos Lyceum.

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program