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There are 6 workshops offered to the students of the house of higher studies.

In order to provide support to the students of the University of La Serena, the team of the Program of Support to the Permanence, Performance, Leveling and Integral Development of the first and second year student (LEARN ULS), has conducted several workshops with themes related to the current situation in the country.

aprendeuls 2In order to generate permanent support to the students, various accompaniment actions have been designed, ranging from the individual line with 2 workshops called “Emotional Containment” and “Crisis Stage Accompaniment”, and in the line Group with 6 workshops that range from orientation to explore communication dynamics to the delivery and development of support and containment tools, among others.

Barbara Mejias, Head of Psychoeducational LEARN ULS, explained the reason for the offer of these workshops. “Our program aims to provide support and support to our students and in this line as a program we could not remain oblivious to the reality we are living. That is why I invite all the students who feel affected, afflicted and need to be heard or want to learn about the topics we are offering, request the workshops or individual attention and come to our offices, we will be waiting for you with open arms ”.

To date there are 4 careers that have requested workshops within the institution: Pedagogy in English, with the workshop “University Coexistence”, whose objective was to collect the main critical knots to improve and maintain in the dynamics of the career in relation to the university coexistence; and Kinesiology, with the workshop “Psychological and Social States in Times of Crisis”, focused on the delivery of key technical concepts for the understanding of the crisis as a social phenomenon.

learn 3Also the Pedagogy Careers in Musical Education and Bachelor of Music, with the workshop "First Psychological Aid", oriented towards the general guidelines of interventions in crisis, in the first instance, in aid to people who are in crisis situation.

For Monserrat Venegas, a student of Lic. In Music, the workshop had great significance and argued: “I liked it a lot, since it gave us the possibility to realize that the resources and tools are at our disposal and are in our interior and environment near; that is not something inaccessible, but depends on each one, and I value this a lot. In addition, they provided tools to be autonomous and independent in our actions and actions, I recommend that all students attend these instances as they provide opportunities to be independent of the students, with a close speech and without a pre-made guideline. Current situation".

If you wish to request some of the workshops offered by the LEARN ULS program, visit the page http://aprendeuls.userena.cl/ for more information about this offer, and request them by mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program