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conversational equity science1

The activity was attended by the new Science Seremi, Dr. María José Escobar, as well as academics from the house of studies.

In the auditorium of INIA Intihuasi, the “Equity and Gender in Research” conversation was held, organized by the Vice-Rectory for Research and Postgraduate of the University of La Serena, with the aim of generating a space for dialogue and reflection on space that women have in science.

conversational equity science2The activity was presented by the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of the Macrozone Center, Dr. María José Escobar, together with the academic and Director of the Master's Program in Astronomy ULS, Dr. Rodolfo Barbá, the academic and representative before the CRUCH of the Equity and Gender Committee of the University of La Serena, Dr. Desireé López de Maturana, who also participated in a panel discussion.

“We understand that science is not a space that stands out for having gender equality, however, it is an area that has been improving over time. That is why we seek to generate this space, where you can talk about it and allow more women to open doors of science, ”said the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate, Dr. Eduardo Notte.

For its part, the Seremi of Science, Dr. María José Escobar, referred to the importance of this type of activities, where they discuss a topic so relevant today. "We are today to talk about gender, we need these issues to be installed between women and men in order to generate social change, and spaces like this are important when it comes to carrying out these changes."

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom