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I want to be a professional education 1

The students belong to the second generation of the special access program of the ULS Pedagogies, certified by the MINEDUC, which seeks to enhance the teaching vocation early.

Guiding and strengthening the interest in pedagogy is the main purpose of the “I want to be an education professional” (QSPE) program, an initiative that was launched during 2017 to respond to the new guidelines imposed by Law 20.903, that creates the Professional Teacher Development System.

In this context, during 2018 the second generation participant of the program was received, who attended classes every Saturday of the year, under the spirit of enhancing their skills as future teachers and thus preparing their academic competencies to be able to enter university life during 2020. It was finally sixteen students who successfully completed this experience, approving the five training modules of the program.I want to be a professional education 2

“Being an education professional today is a pride, considering all the vicissitudes that can be lived. This is a house of studies that extends its arms to welcome students who want to be education professionals, we have a large and interesting battery of pedagogies, which come to answer a series of concerns that the community has, ”said the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón.

In this way, in a ceremony held in the offices of Casa Central, the certificate of participation of future university students was given, on which occasion the commitment of the students Carlos Toledo and Milenka Manque was recognized, who stood out for their responsibility and perseverance during program execution.

On the other hand, on behalf of the entire second generation, the former student of the Bernardo O'Higgins College, Victoria Sánchez, thanked the competences granted by the professors and professionals of the program, valuing both academic and personal learning. “Today I want to thank the program for giving us the tools to start our university life for this coming year. Not only was it preparing us for university life, but they helped us realize that we could with everything, with frustrations, stress and so much more, each fall served us to get up and continue with much more momentum. ”He said.

It should be noted that the program is in its third call to receive the next generation, who aspire to enter the institution during 2021.

Written by Daniela Ledezma, UGIP