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The project stems from the need for students to contribute to the reduction of inequality in access to higher education.

The Program of Effective Access to Higher Education (PACE ULS) is supporting and collaborating with the instance generated by students of the University of La Serena to create a social pre-university for next year.

social preuni2The project, Preuniversitario Dignidad ULS (PREDIULS), stems from the initiative of a group of 12 ULS students who seek to be a contribution to society. On the initiative, Álvaro Ramírez, a student of the Pedagogy career in Spanish and Philosophy, said: “We are professionals in training at this University, with social awareness, that we aspire to be agents of change from an academic and inclusive perspective within the community , in the conurbation La Serena - Coquimbo ”.

This is how the PACE ULS Program of the Teaching Department decides to support this instance, in order to collaborate and link with the PREDIULS initiative to middle school students of the educational establishments that belong to the Program. In addition, it will seek to expand this aid to other educational communities in La Serena and Coquimbo.

In the PACE ULS Program there are 2 areas, one that works with students of higher education, who enter via PACE quota, promoting a good ranking of grades; and in addition, there is the area of ​​Preparation for secondary education. It is precisely in the latter area that the actions that are already carried out with middle school students will be linked to this important Pre-University initiative.

Viviana Romero, Executive Director of the APRENDE and PACE ULS Program, said that “this valuable contribution comes from the students of our house of studies, who seek to give an opportunity to those who cannot access a pre-university and that somehow also reinforces all the commitment and social responsibility, which as a university we must promote. That is why as a PACE Program we want to support PREDIULS, with all the experience we have working with high schools, in the area of ​​orientation and also with the link with other units of the institution. ”

social preuni3Within this context, Paula Vargas, psychologist of the AES PACE ULS Component, conducted a workshop focused on stress, in this first instance of project presentation. Regarding the intervention, the professional explained that “it was a workshop in which anxiety was raised, as a global concept; tips for the PSU were delivered and from there they worked with the attendees to recognize their own anxiety and how they handle it. ”

PREDIULS project

For Katherinne Panire, a student of Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, this project “seeks to benefit all students who do not have access to private pre-university due to its high cost and, in addition, responds to the need both to minimize the gap of existing inequality to access to higher education, and in turn to encourage permanence in it ”.

The objectives of the project are to deliver, guide and strengthen extracurricular and psychoeducational aspects; reinforce contents of the formal curriculum that are evaluated in the PSU, and prepare and educate the students integrally for university life.

Regarding the formal presentation of the pre-university, the student Álvaro Ramírez said that “we have a good part of the project already armed, and it is an initiative that seeks to give opportunities to all students who cannot afford a pre-university, so ours is social, and therefore it will be free. We have been working for a short time, so we still have many things to talk and define yet; however, this first approach to middle school students was excellent. ”

It is expected that from next year, starting in April, the pre-university will be working, since in March the applications will be made for middle school students and for those students who are from the house of higher studies and want to join This initiative

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program