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Publicizing the proposal for a single day was the main objective of the meeting between the Association of Officials of the University of La Serena and the Council of said Faculty.

Within the framework of the Faculty Council, the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences received this Thursday, December 26, the Association of Officials of the University of La Serena. The ULS Student Federation and representatives of the Student Centers of the Faculty careers participated in the meeting.

reu facesej2The meeting allowed the Association of Officials, represented by its president, Karina Núñez Varela, to present the guidelines of the single-day project for the entire campus.

“The administrative officials, for many years, have promoted this project of working on a continuous day, which means nine hours a day, including a half hour of collation. This is the same day that takes place in January, however, our goal is that this can be implemented through a system of shifts, obviously covering all institutional needs to deliver a quality service to our students, ”explained the president AFULS

The Dean of the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences, Dr. Luperfina Rojas Escobar, highlighted the project and affirmed a commitment to analysis and study. “The unique day represents the feeling of a large part of the workers of the University of La Serena, who appeal to spend more quality time with their families. Anyway, this is a project that we must analyze, especially in the field of teaching and pedagogical teaching hours taught at the Faculty, so we will conduct an in-depth study during January, ”he said.

The Association of ULS Officials has also participated in other instances of dissemination of the project, which include so far, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science. The instances have had a positive reception before the initiative and the analysis and exhaustive study of an operation suitable to the academic, curricular and administrative requirements of the University of La Serena is emphasized.

Written by Paula Godoy, ULS journalist