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The workshop gave its participants key knowledge to improve their business presentations.

With the participation of forty entrepreneurs, the workshop '' Elevator Pitch '' was recently held, an instance generated by the Office of Entrepreneurship ULS and CORFO Coquimbo Region, within the framework of the StartUp Phase Zero program and in line with the '' Development Program of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of the Coquimbo Region. ''

The activity, by Héctor Sepúlveda Velásquez, creator and Head Coach of the `` Power Pitch Method '', was aimed at students of higher education in the region, in order to train participants in the development of an appropriate pitch ( script) to explain your business ideas to an investor in record time.

At present, society is in constant motion, worshiping time and efficiency, which is why for an entrepreneur who seeks to promote their product or service, being able to create a clear, rational and concise summary of a business project It is vital, in addition to taking advantage of time optimally. Under this need, Héctor Sepúlveda created the `` Power Pitch Method '' method, in order to teach people various techniques for the construction of a Pitch script (speech), with skills brought from other areas of knowledge such as performing arts , among other.

For Sepúlveda, learning to perform a good script by entrepreneurs is essential, since the first meetings are essential for the success of their purposes. '' Young people at this stage are testing their new ideas, they are testing if they are capable of being entrepreneurs and the issue of presenting your offer is usually the last stage of developing a value creation and confronting early with a methodology that helps them build This offer is quite good at this stage, since they have a lot of time in life to improve. ''

On this day the participants learned how the methodology of the `` Power Pitch Method '', can contribute to create a presentation accurately and in a limited time. Within this session, topics such as logic, strategy, among other subjects were discussed. In addition, participants were taught a form of writing a script based on six steps belonging to the philosophy of this method.

The director of CORFO Coquimbo Region, Andrés Sánchez Araya, said that this workshop is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge, thanks to financing from the Government of Chile. "It is important to have training, to be able to improve and after that comes a phase in which incentives from the State can be delivered, so that they can be entrepreneurs and thus achieve the ultimate goal," he argued.

It is the case of Oscar Cristi, who indicated that this workshop was a very useful and valuable experience, not only for entrepreneurs, but also for any professional. "I thank the University for giving us the opportunity to learn something new, I feel super good and I think we can give value to our idea and now continue to work hard so that everything goes well," he said.