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CONECTAGRO Coquimbo 2020 will be held on Wednesday, January 15 at the Limarí de Ovalle Campus.

With the aim of articulating a meeting space and a discussion about the need to accelerate the incorporation of agrotechnology in Chile and connect all the actors that can make that happen, the National Agriculture Society (SNA), with the support Santander Universities, the Department of Agronomy of the University of La Serena and the Foreign Trade Administration have organized the CONECTAGRO Coquimbo 2020 seminar, to be held on Wednesday, January 15, from 10 am, at the ULS Limarí Campus ( Avda. La Paz 1108, Ovalle).

The activity framed in a project funded by CORFO, considers the presentation on fruit production intensification through technology, by Sigalit Berenzon, CEO of the Israeli company FruitSpec; and the panel discussion about the productive challenges of the region and technology as an ally, in which José Corral (SNA Vice President), Edgardo Díaz (INIA Regional Director) and Pablo Álvarez (PROMMRA ULS Director) will participate. In addition, Carla Cáceres, coordinator of the Indap-Capel productive alliance, will share how through the application of technology, the Capel cooperative has managed to reduce irrigation by 50%.