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cities seminar

Intermediate cities concentrate the highest percentage of the world's urban population (62,5%), fulfilling a key role in structuring the territory.

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena invites you to participate in the International Seminar "City, Engineering and Sustainability, challenges of intermediate cities", which aims to bring together various researchers and experts on topics that address different disciplines associated with development Sustainable cities.

The activity will take place on Thursday, January 9 and Friday, January 10, starting at 9:00 a.m., in the premises of the Faculty of Engineering of the ULS, specifically on the second floor of the CETECFI building, Benavente street 980, La Serene

During the activity, topics related to intermediate cities with a focus on globalization and infrastructure, real estate and sustainability will be presented; energy challenges and urban development.

The importance of the seminar is that the intermediate cities concentrate the highest percentage of the world's urban population, reaching 62,5% fulfill a key role in the structuring of the territory and would constitute an opportunity to overcome the main challenges of contemporary urbanization.

The seminar is aimed at academics, students, professionals and authorities related to these topics.

Written by María José Barraza, Project FIULS 2030