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In terms of scientific productivity, the ULS has reflected a continuous increase in the number of publications in Web of Science, WOS.

The National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT) published on Friday December 20 the list with the proposals for the award of the Fondecyt Regular 2020 and Fondecyt Postdoctorate 2020 competitions.

FONDECYT is an important funding agency for fundamental research in Chile, under CONICYT, which, as of January 6 of this year, was renamed "National Research and Development Agency" ANID.

In the Fondecyt Regular 2020 Contest, the ULS awards six projects, which correspond to the academics Ricardo Amorín, of the Multidisciplinary Research Institute in Science and Technology; Cristian González, of the Department of Mathematics; Julio Gutiérrez, from the Department of Biology; Juan Carlos Helo, from the Department of Physics and Astronomy; Ronny Martínez, of the Department of Food Engineering; and Nelson Moraga, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

“It should be noted that the majority of researchers integrate cloisters of doctoral programs associated with their disciplines, which is why the award of projects together with strengthening their own discipline also strengthens the associated doctoral programs. For this contest, the ULS sponsored 23 proposals obtaining 26%, a percentage that falls within the national average for the award of projects in recent years, ”said Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate, Eduardo Notte.

On the other hand, in the Fondecyt Postdoctoral 2020 call, the ULS will obtain financing in four projects, allowing national and international doctors to work with university academics for periods of two or three years. One of them belongs to the study group of Linguistics, Literature and Philology, and the remaining three doctors of Astronomy, Cosmology and Particles.

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate explained that the ULS sponsored 17 initiatives, giving a 23% award rate. “As for the 2019 contest, the applications of young doctors who wish to collaborate with researchers at the ULS have been growing, taking into account that until 2018 the number of applications for this contest did not exceed the four initiatives. Without a doubt a reflection of the level of excellence that scientific research has reached in the ULS ”.

Regarding the excellence and quality of the scientific research carried out by the ULS academics, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate said that the impact reached in the 2016-2019 period, which has shown a positive evolution with respect to the 2012 period, is a pride -2015.

This evolution translates into a smaller fraction of publications in journals Q3 and Q4, and a significant increase in quartiles Q1 and Q2, an indicator that serves to assess the relative importance of a magazine ordered from highest to lowest impact index.


Another significant advance of the University of La Serena in the 2016-2019 period, in terms of scientific productivity, has been the gradual increase in the number of Web of Science, WOS publications, compared to the previous period.


“There is a 75% increase in the number of publications compared to the 2012-2015 period, which reflects the effort and commitment of academics, as well as the impact that the creation of doctoral programs in the ULS has had on quality and increase in publications ”, concluded the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate.

Written by Sergio Muñoz, Office of Outreach and Dissemination of Science and Technology