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New dates for the surrender of the PSU of Language, Science and Mathematics were announced during this day by the vice president of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, Aldo Valle.

The dates set for the submission of these tests will take place between January 27 and 28, for all those who were enrolled in the admission process could not take the three tests mentioned.

Meanwhile, it was arranged that this year the History test will not be applied, and that the students who managed to take it will have by automatic assignment of the system, the best score they have obtained in any of the other factors.

It was also emphasized that the results of the tests applied, either for January 6 and 7, such as January 27 and 28, will be available to students from February 24, the same day the process will begin of application and that will last until February 28.

On March 9, the results of the application process will be published and on the same date the enrollment begins in its first stage.

Listen here the statements of the vice president of CRUCH, Aldo Valle: