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The activities were in charge of teachers and students of Pedagogy in Differential Education ULS.

Academics and students of the Pedagogy in Differential Education at the University of La Serena held 2 workshops, during the month of January of this year, to directors, teachers and nursery technicians of the Puerto Cordillera Local Public Education Service, within the framework of the Conference with Management and Professional Teams UATP.

2 inclusionThe first workshop: “Inclusive education: A containerized and sensitive practice, attention to diversity, as an opportunity for learning” had as its main purpose to understand the inclusive education approach as an opportunity to improve the quality of teaching and equalization opportunities for child development.

This Inclusive Education workshop was in charge of the academics, Dr. Georgina García and Bachelor of Psychology, Alejandra Carrera. The activity was held on Tuesday, December 7 at the Coquimbo College. The Puerto Cordillera Public Education Local Service was attended by the Deputy Director, Carolina Saavedra and the directors, nursery educators and nursery technicians, from all kindergartens and nursery rooms.

The second workshop: “Responsibilities and commitments of the management teams with inclusive education; a look from the current regulations ”, sought to analyze the inclusive education approach, within the framework of international agreements, the 2030 Agenda Objectives - assumed by the State of Chile - and the national regulations that regulate these processes in public education , in order to advance in the construction of a country with educational equity for all.

The academic García and the students Nohemí Chacana, Lisett Quiroga and Valentina Hernández, of Pedagogy in Differential Education ULS, dictated this second workshop that was held on Thursday, January 9 at the Higher Institute of Commerce (INSUCO), and where they participated, by part of Puerto Cordillera, the Executive Director, Ana Victoria Ahumada, the Deputy Director, Carolina Saavedra and all the directors and management and professional teams of UATP of said Service.

“This alliance of collaborative work between the University of La Serena and the Local Public Education Service Puerto Cordillera is a great opportunity for the training of our students, especially for those who are linked to education and human development careers” , said Georgina Garcia.